Wärmeleitpaste Thermalright TF 8 - 5,8 Gramm

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    TF8 - 5,8G

    THERMALRIGHT's new thermal paste series TF has been developed to meet the demanding requirements... mehr
    THERMALRIGHT's new thermal paste series TF has been developed to meet the demanding requirements that our extreme cooling community expects from us. With our product line of extreme coolers and TF thermal grease, our overclocking community now has even more cooling options in hand. We did not make the TF series conductive, so our users do not have to worry about short circuits.

    As a renowned manufacturer of the highest quality and most powerful air coolers on the international market, Thermalright has developed a thermal grease with an extremely high thermal conductivity of 13.8 W / mk, which meets the requirements of the most extreme users, and is extremely easy to handle. Unlike strong silver-containing pastes, the TF8 thermal compound is very easy to apply and remove, without the risk of tearing the CPU cooler and processor out of the socket. The TF8 has a much longer service life, as during the development was taken to ensure that the paste dries significantly less. In addition, the TF8 does not require any curing time, as the cooler already transfers the heat during assembly with maximum power.

    Care has been taken to ensure that the TF8 is not conductive, thereby preventing the possibility of accidentally causing an electrical short that can damage the valuable computer components. The ingredients of the paste are harmless to health and RoHs compliant.

    To apply the paste, only the spatula, which is enclosed with the thermal grease, is recommended to apply the paste easily and, above all, evenly. You do not need alcohol or other solvents to remove it - a clean pocket or kitchen towel is all you need.

    The Thermalright TF8 thermal compound convinces with a safe and easy handling as well as a high-performance thermal conductivity.
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